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hands down, is seeing my dad come home from working 2 full-time jobs running on 12 hours of sleep at most this week. Yet he insist that I only focus on school… How is it that I deserved to have such an amazing father?

Anonymous said: how often do you get hit on or do people show interest in you

That I’m aware of, very rarely. Guys really don’t talk to me
Maybe I wouldn’t be cooped up in my room in my spare time if guys actually showed interest!

Anonymous said: when was the last time you were on a date

When I was dating someone during the summer.

My bundles of joy

My bundles of joy

I only use it to cry about shit. 

Its almost been a year and I still can’t move on.
I feel like my heart got torn out of my chest just yesterday.
I’m still crying every week over it. 
How is it that I’m so stuck on someone who was physically and emotionally abusive?
You would think that I would know better.
You would think that he’d be the last person I would care about and still love.
this is such bullshit.
I don’t understand how I can do this to myself.

I’d love to be a Pinup/Alternative model. -_- 

Oh wishful thinking…. 


I wonder what it’s like to not feel guilty after eating food.

same. ugh


straight fucking edgeeeee


straight fucking edgeeeee